Prostor apartment complex is located in a region rich in natural and historical landmarks. The impressive rock churches, the splendid botanical garden in Balchik and its palace, Yailata, the Shabla lake, which is home to rare bird species, the magnificent Cape Kaliakra - the northern Black Sea coast is a real paradise for the curious travellers. Why not combine your vacation with adventure and learning new things in a fun and enjoyable way?

Chirakman Cape

It is located 3 km away from Kavarna, in the small bay beneath it there is a wonderful beach, a fishing village and a small yacht port. And the view from the cape is magnificent.

Ethnographic complex – Kavarna

Lovers of history and old crafts will be fascinated by their visit to the ethnographic complex of Kavarna.

The Old fountains

Twelve fountains were once built in Kavarna, where each traveller can stop and rest before continuing to the sea.

Churches and rock monasteries

The Church of St. George is the oldest preserved Renaissance building in Kavarna. It was built in 1836, burnt down in 1877 during the uprising in the city.


The hamam in Kavarna is a completely restored Turkish bath turned into a museum. It was built in the 15th century, all made of stone, with a massive dome and has been preserved to the smallest details.

The Kavarna Beach

In the past the town did not have a beach. It was created artificially in the 20th century, in a sheltered lagoon surrounded by greenery.

Balchik – the palace and the botanical garden 

The complex was built for about 12 years and is designed as the summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria.

Cape Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra, translated from Greek, means "the beautiful cape". It cuts 2 kilometers into the sea.

Ongal Audiovisual Centre

It is located in the village of Balgarevo and its purpose is to popularize Bulgarian history, telling parts of it in a modern, interesting way.


This beach is pure gem. It is located in one of the most beautiful bays on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, on the northern side of Cape Kaliakra. Its water is crystal clear.


Yaylata National Historical Reserve is located 18 km away from Kavarna. It is a rocky terrace over the sea.

Kamen Briag

The village of Kamen Briag is just 2 km away from Yaylata. Do not overlook it. Cross the village and reach the seashore.


One of the most peaceful holiday spots on our Black Sea coast. The village is small and lush with greenery.

Shabla – Cape Shabla; Shabla Lake, Ezerishko Lake; Shabla Salt Lake (Tuzla)

Shabla is a small town, which has preserved its low houses in pretty courtyards and all the tranquility of a remote place.


The village is small, quiet, with very beautiful scenery.